westport_mods (westport_mods) wrote in westport_rpg,

last day

[Throughout these past few days, many of you have found notes indicating that at one point, the town of Westport was a war zone. As the stifling smog envelops the town and armed men in hazmat suits march down the streets, this is not difficult to imagine.

The filthy smog has completely overtaken the town, and by this point it's difficult to see anything more than 5 feet away. It burns your eyes, your throat, and your skin, and hanging around outside for too long may be fatal. The smog does not enter buildings, even if there are windows and doors open.

The smog isn't the only danger on the streets- the hazmat men are now nothing short of an army, and it seems that every time you kill one, two more pop up from around the corner. They patrol the roads in tightly packed groups, immediately attacking anyone they see. They have also taken to kicking down the doors of houses and investigating them for survivors- if you want to keep them out, it might be time to start barricading the doors and windows. But they are still primarily concentrated around City Hall, almost as though they're guarding something.

The Milkman makes his rounds as always, his pearly white smile clearly visible through the smog.]
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